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3x5 Series: Vol. 1 Abstract

Assembled run of Volume 1 DIY process This is a small, curated collection of art created by Jonah Bitautas in 2018-2019. This ongoing project called 3x5 Series, is where a single-word prompt is used daily to illustrate on a 3x5 index card.

This collection was hand-picked from the 100+ prompts made over that time period. Each piece in the volume is numbered and dated, along with the prompt and materials used. This collection, entitled Abstract, is named for the feeling of familiarity when viewing the individual pieces collectively. The title also serves as a prompt for each, hand-drawn cover.

  • Very limited run of 15 copies
  • Designed, printed, and assembled in-house by hand
  • 9 high-quality, life-size scans from the 3x5 Series
  • Each cover is one-of-a-kind custom, hand-drawn art piece itself

Physical copies of this volume are available here in Chicago, in-store at:

You can also buy direct online from me below.
Volume 1: Abstract
$6 each + $3 shipping